3 Simple Ways You Can Play with Your Cat


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Playing games with your cat is essential, as it improves the bond that you share with the feline. On top of that, it is a great way to get your four-legged friend to exercise, which is excellent for its wellbeing.

Playing allows your feline to improve its hunting and agility skills while ensuring it isnโ€™t overweight. Your cat also gets to release excess energy, preventing aggression in the future. Remember, cats will play with anything, as long as you make it interesting. Below, you will find three simple ways you can have a fun session with your four-legged friend:


A lot of people believe that only dogs are the ones who are ready to play fetch. With this game, you are bringing out the instinctive hunting nature of felines. Honing this skill is essential, as it alleviates boredom.

The item you select should be interesting to your cat. Only throw the object once you have the feline's attention. To get it to bring back the item, call out its name, and reward it with a treat for completing this task.

Over time, your cat will get the idea and return objects to you, when you throw them.

Hide and seek

Your cat is a predator by nature, which is why you need to stimulate it, both mentally and physically. An excellent game that will help your feline is to play hide and seek. You donโ€™t have to go outside your house for this game.

Hide behind any object and call out your catโ€™s name until it starts looking for you. You need to play this game a couple of times for the feline to get the hang of it. Once it understands the game, it will behave as though it is looking for its prey.

String and feather

The best part about having a cat is that you donโ€™t have to invest in expensive toys. Any item you find in the environment will work. For instance, if you tie a feather to the end of a string, you can use this as a toy.

Get the cat to follow this object around the household. You can even get it to practice its jumping skills by placing the feather at a significant height. On top of that, you can create a miniature obstacle course and guide the feline through it with this toy. There are plenty of ways you can use this object and play with your cat. Use these three simple tips to play with your cat. The idea is to make things as interesting as possible to stimulate its mind. Do you know other ways to play with your cat, without breaking the bank? Do let us know by leaving your tips below!

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