3 Reasons Small Dogs Rule



It's not uncommon for people to have particularly strong opinions about the kind of dogs they bring into their homes. Some may be influenced by family dogs they had growing up, while others might have their preferences shaped by canine experts.But when it comes down to it, small dogs are versatile, charming and easy to maintain compared to larger breeds of canines. Here are three reasons why small dogs are the best.

1. Price

No one really wants to think about dollars and centsย when buying a pooch, but it's a necessary factor to consider. Big dogs can be more expensive in a number of ways, including the cost of food, professional grooming services, as well asย 

pet medication

,ย customized leashes, and collars. Conversely, smaller canines don't take up as much space than their larger counterparts.The same rings true for veterinarian treatments. Once dogs hit their senior years, it's smart to bring them for annual check-ups to ensure that there are no serious conditions developing. If services are needed, it's likely that total costs, including the procedure itself and rehabilitation efforts, will be far less expensive for smaller dogs than large ones.

2. Location

Depending on where people live, their homes may not be suitable for certain dog breeds. For example, living in a small urban apartment in a city like Newย York might be ideal for Pomeranians, but Bernese mountain dogs require more space then one might find in an urban home. If owners already have a larger breed and are trying to relocate, they'll have a harder time finding anย appropriate place to live.This also plays into house training dogs, as owning a smaller pooch makes it easier to take them in and out of the building to do their business. Larger canines are more challenging to maneuver, too. When you're planning to live in the big city, a small dog might be the best option for you.

3. Care

Owning a dog who weighs 25 pounds or less has many distinct advantages, especially when it comes to pet care. Because their bodies are smaller and support less weight, small pooches experience fewer joint problems, which can usually be treated with


ย for Dogs. It's also a lot easier to bathe a smaller dog, keeping their coats well-groomed and shiny throughout the year.

No matter the size, keep your dog healthy with medications and supplements purchased from PetPlus.

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