3 Easy Steps to a Cat-Friendly Home with Plenty of Space for All


Perhaps you live in a city with sky-high rent preventing you from having all the space you need. Or maybe your home is so packed with people and animals youโ€™re all beginning to feel a little claustrophobic.Either way, help is here with tips to tackle even the most challenging cat-related space issues. And weโ€™ll do it all while beautifying your home to create a spacious cat- and human-friendly environment in the process!

1)ย ย  The Litter Box

Photo by Tamar Arslanian

Letโ€™s call a spade a spade. Litter boxes are traditionally one big eye sore. But believe it or not, there are quite a few ways to conceal your litter box rather gracefully.One option is to hide it in plain sight with a

ModKat litter box

. They come in an array of colors to match your dรฉcor. I have one right by my front door and not one person has yet picked up on what it is! I particularly like that itโ€™s โ€œtop-loadingโ€ since it decreases litter tracking. And even my chunky 19lb cat is able to get in and out with ease.

Or you can purchase one of the many pieces of furniture at varying price points that have been specifically created to conceal litter boxes. Several of them even double as coffee tables!Yet another option is to place the litter box in a closet, storage area, laundry room, or mudroom, providing access to your cat through a mouse-hole like entrance called the


. Your cat can come and go freely, but no one else need see (or smell) whatโ€™s going on!

2)ย ย  Cat Shelves

Itโ€™s a well-known fact that cats feel safe up high, where they can keep an eye on the goings-on of their kingdom. Cat shelves are perfect for this and can also work to keep kitty off the furniture. In this day and age weโ€™re fortunate enough to have a plethora of shelves to choose from.

Some look like pieces of art,

and others can even provide us lowly humans with a bit of storage!

Photo by Tamar Arslanian

If you have the floor room for it, there are a variety of cat towers that can achieve the same effect with an added benefit. They can be placed near a window where birds and squirrels can provide entertainment.Now if youโ€™re out of floor space, donโ€™t despair. Thereโ€™s still a way to turn a piece of existing furniture into a cat climber to give your cat a place to rest out of the way. You simply add cat ledges onto an existing bookshelf creating a path to the top of the shelf without disrupting your books and other belongings.

3)ย ย  Scratchers

We all know cat scratchers can be bulky and ugly. Well weโ€™re going to get rid of both issues in one fell swoop. Wall scratchers!They come in a variety of materials from carpet to cardboard to suit your catโ€™s personal scratching preferences. And they are much more aesthetically pleasing than the beige, purple, or baby blue scratchers that can take up half a room!

Wall scratchers pre-installation. Photo by Tamar Arslanian

If your cat is a horizontal scratcher you can still use shelves with surfaces suitable for scratching. Or, purchase a lightweight, unobtrusive scratcher that can be placed on the floor and easily stashed out of sight under a piece of furniture.So there you have it! Three relatively simple ways to clean the clutter out of your home and make it more comfortable for both you and Fluffy. Now if I could just hire someone to come scoop out the litterโ€ฆ.

tamar-with-catsAbout the author:ย Tamar Arslanian is a singleton living in New York City with her three cats Kip, Petie, and Haddie. She writes about cats, relationships and life in the Big Apple on her nationally recognized blog,ย I HAVE CAT. You can follow Tamar and I HAVE CAT onย Facebook,ย Twitterย andย Pinterest.
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