2019 Pet Care Trends That Every Pet Owner Should Know


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Developing technology and improving quality of life donโ€™t apply just to humans. According to recent surveys, new technologies and lifestyle changes are impacting the lives of pets as well. As we move into 2019, the way your pet lives will transform from the way pets lived last year and many years before that. With new pet care products, medicines, facilities and services, you can improve how your pet gets to experience life in this year. Hereโ€™s our list of 2019โ€™s pet care trends that every pet owner should make it a point to know.

Pet tech will improve pet lifestyles

From nutrition apps to vet telemedicine and fitness trackers, pet owners are open to investing in diverse types of technologies to maintain and improve the health of their furry friends. Several pet owners have confirmed their interest in getting tracking device or a microchip to monitor pet health while some are even ready to invest in cameras to ensure good health for their pets. In 2019, more technologies will be launched to enhance pet health, and you can expect to experience some of the best products that make living great for your pets.

More alternative therapies will be made available

Pet owners who have experienced the benefits of undergoing alternative therapies are highly likely to invest in them for their pets as well. As alternative therapies become more popular among humans, they will also begin to make an appearance in the pet care market. Canine care specialists are already offering services such as acupuncture, hydrotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Chinese Herbal Medicine for your pet pooch. Referred to informally as holistic veterinary care, alternative therapies are growing more popular every single day. 

Pet nutrition will see more innovation

Nutrition has become a serious issue among humans, and the same trend is likely to follow in pet care. Special food designed by veterinary nutritionists will become popular among pet owners, promising to improve the overall nutrition intake and health among pets. From portion control to balanced nutrition and specialized nutrition for pets ailing from disorders, pet nutrition will expand to include customized and much needed nutritive solutions for pets. If your pet cat or dog is suffering from irritable bowel disorder, fatigue, or anything else, you can ensure that his or her special needs are met by purchasing specially designed nutritious meals.

Finally, 2019 will also see an increase in the adoption of e Commerce websites for petcare shopping. Be it for daily supplies, special medication or technology, pet owners will use online portals to access products and services for their pets. If you are a pet owner or plan to be one in 2019, the trends on this post will help you provide the best possible lifestyle for your pet. So, what are you waiting for?

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