17 Best Ever Super Bowl Ads With Animals



From side-splitting ads that are so funny they make you cry, to ads so touching they also make you cry, Super Bowl commercials are a thing to behold. And what makes for a more gripping ad than pets? Everyone loves pets!On that note, here's a brief recap of the best Super Bowl commercials containing adorable animals.

1. Puppy Love - Budweiser

A tale as old as time - Puppy and the Horse

2. Weego the Rescue dog - Bud Light

Truly man's best friend.

3. Spuds Mackenzie - Bud Light

They just don't make sunglass-wearing dogs like they used to.

4. Goat 4 Sale - Doritos

Boy, that goat really likes Doritos

5. Carrier Pigeons - FedEx

A good idea on paper...

6. Mama Wolf - Cars.com

Umm...I think we'll just take the keys, thanks.

7. Cat Herders - Electronic Data Systems

We gots ter git these kitties to Topeka before sundown!

8. Bud-Weis-Er Frogs - Budweiser


9. Monkey Business - Careerbuilder

And you thought your job was rough.

10. Dog Bribe - Doritos

Wow, dogs really DO hate cats.

11. Lamb Streaker - Budweiser

Anything for a laugh.

12. Get a Dog - Pedigree

Well, there goes my dream of having a pet hippo...

13. Exercise Dog - Volkswagen

Love to see a dog with some realistic fitness goals.

14. You Wanna Chip? - Doritos

That pug's got some gumption!

15. Screaming Animals - Bridgestone


16. Purebred v. Mutt - Bud Light

Different strokes for different folks.


Audi's Doberhuahua

And now, this exists. Thanks Audi!

Know of any other animal-centric Super Bowl ads that didn't make the list? Share them with us in the comments below!

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