10 Most Jaw-Dropping Ways People Pamper Their Pets How Pet Parents Spoil Their Furry Friends

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There are some pet parents out there that do not believe in stopping at any expense in order to pamper and spoil their pet. From spa services to gourmet meals, some pets just simply have it made. Here are some mind blowing ways in which some pet parents go out of their way to make sure their pet receives the best of the best. By the time you get to the bottom, it will probably have you wishing you were a pet.

For many pet parents, pets are treasured babies to be spoiled rotten. Of course we all love our pets, but for a privileged few, there is no expense or inconvenience spared when it comes to pampering their pets.

It can be fun to rubberneck and see what outrageous options there are when it comes to luxury pet pampering.

Here are 10 extreme ways to indulge your pet.

1. Doggie Spas

At the Barkeley Pet Hotel and Day Spa, your dog can get – that’s right – a mud mask, fur dyeing, and of course a “pawdicure” complete with colored nail “pawlish.” Not sure how rubbing mud on a dog could be beneficial, but you can certainly have it done!

2. Pet Vacations

I’m sure you’ve heard of luxury pet hotels where you can drop off your pet to be pampered while you go off on a trip of your own. But what if you can’t bear to part with your pet and you’d rather bring them with you on vacation? Lucky for some, there are hotels that spoil pets alongside their parents.

At hyper-luxurious Las Ventanas al Paraíso, a resort located on the tip of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico, your pet can accompany you to the pool or beach and lounge in the shade of their own Pet Cabana. The restaurant includes a luxury pet menu so you can dine together as well. And if that wasn’t enough, your pet can also get a full body massage.

3. Neuticles

In case you haven’t heard , your male pet’s self-esteem hinges on whether he appears to have been neutered or not, or so goes the ridiculous claim of the company that sells Neuticals, a testicular implant for your neutered pet. However, for most of us, petting your dog and telling him he’s a good boy works just as well.

4. Stroller

For many pet parents, a pet stroller appears to be an unnecessary extravagance.  There are other pet parents who see a stroller as a practical option for transporting a pet.  In cases where your pet is feeble or injured but you still want your pet to get fresh air via a walk outdoors, or if you need to transport an injured pet or more than one pet to the vet at the same time, a pet stroller can be a helpful tool.

5. Fitness Club

Fit Dog Sports Club is a doggie daycare that provides dogs with sports and exercise plus their own private space to sleep and eat. Would you like your dog to experience some more exciting fitness options than a boring old walk? Then sign him up for Fit Dog Sports Club so your dog can be taken on a hike or out for a beach day. If your pup’s got extra energy to burn, you can have a trainer guide them through a special treadmill workout.

6. Crystal Collar

Do you ever worry that your dog’s neck isn’t nearly blingy enough? Well, worry no more! There is now a collar that doubles as jewelry for your pet. This pink crystal collar, starting at $165, can be paired with a matching lead, running concerned pet parents a measly $220.50.

7. Dog Wedding Chapel

If you have a love sick pup on your hands, never fear, the dog wedding chapel is here -- for $30,000. Watch your pup exchange vows with their beloved in style. This dog wedding chapel is fully customizable, ensuring a wedding venue as unique as your pet, so you don’t have to endure another boring, cookie-cutter pet ceremony. If you are lucky, you may even end up as man’s-best-friend’s best man.

8. Pet birthday party

Why should human children have all the fun? Allow your pet to feel like a special guest of honor as you celebrate their birthday. You can either make it a small, family-only affair, or have a blow out bash wherein you invite all your pet’s pals.

Don’t want to host a rowdy group of pets in your home? Pupcakes Pet Boutique hosts dog parties on site. However, if you decide to do it yourself, make sure you don’t forget invitations, decorations, and these heart cake bites made for dogs that cost $42.99!

9. Bottle of Dog Perfume for $3,000

If you don’t enjoy the natural scent of your pooch, try giving your dog a spritz of this insanely pricey dog perfume. And don’t worry -- if you don’t want to spring for the 4oz. bottle, priced at $3,000, you can still purchase a quarter of an ounce for $250.

I can’t help but wonder if a dog’s sensitive nose would even like being subjected to perfume…

10. Luxury Dog Bed

Dogs love having a comfortable place to sleep, but sometimes pet parents want a bed that matches the home’s décor. You can have a dog bed custom made in a fabric design of your choosing, but that actually seems a smidge too reasonable. If that’s not luxurious enough for you, then this suede dog bed looks just like a miniature human bed, and comes complete with a padded headboard and lumbar cushion.  Now that’s luxurious.

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