10 Arrangements to Make Before Becoming a Single Pet Parent Know what it takes to be a loving and responsible single pet parent.

10 Arrangements to Make Before Becoming a Single Pet Parent

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Living alone with a pet can be tricky. This post talks about how you need to prepare before adopting a new puppy. Right from planing vet visits to hiring pet sitters, single pet parents need to learn how to use pet services to their advantage.

The world we live in today forces us to spend most of our time at work. The time we get away from work we end up spending online. While people end up focusing more on their digital image and relationship, the real ones get severed. No matter how busy and happy a person’s Instagram page looks, they might be extremely lonely in reality. Back in 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ survey showed that 50.2% of Americans, over the age of 16, are single. The feeling of isolation and loneliness is not good for mental health.

To combat this feeling of loneliness and isolation many people choose to bring a pet home. A pet is a big responsibility. Most companion animals are better suited to a family atmosphere where there is more than one person capable of taking care of them. While a pet might be better for a family environment, they are an integral part of the lives of many single people. If you are single and looking to adopt a pet, then you need to make some arrangements to ensure that you can provide the right care for your pet by yourself.

Fix Meal Regiment

The first thing you need to get in order even before you get a pet is their food. You cannot afford to bring a pet home and then run around gathering their food. Buy pet food in advance, chart out a feeding schedule and have feeding bowls ready. Before you go to get your pet, fill up the bowl and keep them prepared for your pet to chow down on when they arrive. Preparing food before getting your pet allows you to have one less thing to worry about when you bring your new pet home. You also need to keep a water bowl ready for your pet to drink from after their journey.

Plan Out Vet Visits

Taking your pet to the vet is difficult when you have to do it alone. You cannot take a day off from work to take your pet to the vet. Since many single pet parents take their pets to the vet on weekends, you might not have your vet free over the weekend. Make appointments with your vet well in advance if you are going to take your pet to the vet on the weekend. Get your pet to the vet at regular intervals to avoid sudden needs for vet visits.

Hire a Reliable Pet-Sitter

Your job might require you to spend long hours at work. Leaving your pet alone at home can be unfair to companion animals. They will get lonely and even destructive. If you are going to spend long hours at work, you can find a pet-sitter for your pet. You can find teenagers willing to earn little extra money while getting to spend time with an animal. They can leave once you get back home.

Consider Hiring a Dog Walker

If you have a dog, then you need to take them out for walks to give them their daily dose of exercise and an opportunity to relieve themselves. Even if you have housebroken your dog, you do need to take them out for walks. You can hire a dog walker to take your dog out every day for a while. This allows your dog to go out and socialize with other dogs as well.

Assign an Emergency Pet Caretaker

Even with regular vet visits, your pet might have some medical emergency. You need to talk to a friend or neighbor who would be the first responder in any kind of crisis. Even if you are suddenly in need of a hospital visit or are stuck at work, you need to have someone to care for your pet. Usually, you can count on your pet sitter, friend or neighbor to be the emergency pet caretaker in times of need.

Learn About Pet Boarding

If you need to go out of town for a long span of time, your pet setter might not be able to spend nights caring for your pet. There are pet boarding services that you can opt for. You need to drop your pet off at the boarding and pick them up when you get back. Before you do leave your pet at a boarding, it is best to take them to the boarding once and see how they are adjusting. Giving your pet the time to adapt to the boarding will prevent them from feeling abandoned.

Know More About Day Boarding

If you cannot find a pet sitter to take care of your pet while you are at work, you can find day boarding near you. Some day-boarding services offer to pick up services and you can pick your pet up on your way back from work. Day boarding services allow single pet parents to be at work without having to worry about anything. The pet boarding takes care of meals and walks. If there is any kind of emergency, the staff of the boarding can bring your pet to the vet and notify you immediately.

Schedule Grooming Sessions

Just like vets, groomers get booked out over the weekends. You should take your pets to the groomers since you may not get time to groom your pet on a regular basis. Book grooming sessions well in advance.

Get Pet Products Delivered

From pet food to pet meds, you will need to get pet items on a regular basis. Going to a pet shop to buy the things you need is an additional chore. You can simply purchase pet items online and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Second Pet

Companion animals get lonely even if you arrange for other people to come and spend time with them. Once you are used to handling one pet, you might think of getting a second pet. But before you take the step of becoming the single pet parent to two pets, master the art of parenting a single dog or cat.

It is not very difficult being a single pet parent once you put some planning into it.

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