Arm & Hammer Slide Multi-Cat Easy Clean-Up Cat Litter
Arm & Hammer Slide Multi-Cat Easy Clean-Up Cat Litter
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Arm & Hammer Slide Multi-Cat Easy Clean-Up Cat Litter

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NO SCRUBBING OR SCRAPING YOUR LITTER BOX.• Non-stick litter slides right out of the litter box• No more scraping or scrubbing with EZ clean technology, patent pending• Patented Clump & Seal™ technology seals and destroys odors before they can leave the litter box• 100% dust-free• Rock-solid clumps for easy scooping• 7-day odor-free home, guaranteed• Designed to control odors in homes with more than one cat
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  • Litter, Litter Boxes & Accessories Cleaning & Grooming
  • Cat Pet Type

Is clumping litter better for cats?

One of the significant advantages of clumping litter is its ability to form solid clumps when it comes into contact with moisture, such as urine. These clumps can be easily scooped out, leaving the rest of the litter box clean and fresh. This makes cleaning up after your cat a quick and hassle-free task. Clumping litters often contain ingredients like activated charcoal or baking soda, which help in absorbing and neutralizing unpleasant odors. The clumping action also prevents urine from spreading throughout the litter, reducing the chance of lingering smells. This promotes a more pleasant environment for both cats and their owners. Clumping litters tend to last longer than non-clumping alternatives. Since only the clumped waste needs to be removed, you'll be able to maintain a cleaner litter box with less frequent complete litter changes. This not only saves you money in the long run but also minimizes waste. Cats are known for their cleanliness and can be quite sensitive to unpleasant smells and dirty litter boxes. Clumping litter provides a more hygienic and comfortable experience for them. The ability to remove waste promptly helps ensure that the litter remains clean, which can encourage regular use and proper litter box habits.

What are the cons of clumping cat litter?

While clumping cat litter offers many advantages, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider. Clumping litter can sometimes be more prone to tracking than non-clumping alternatives. The clumps, if broken apart or stuck to your cat's paws, can be carried outside the litter box, leading to litter scattered around the house. Regular sweeping or using a litter mat can help minimize tracking. Some clumping litters can produce dust when poured or when cats dig in the litter box. This dust can be irritating to both cats and humans, potentially causing respiratory issues or allergies. Opting for a low-dust or dust-free clumping litter can mitigate this problem. Many clumping litters are made from clay, which is a non-renewable resource. Clay mining raises environmental concerns, and the extraction process can have an impact on land and water resources. If environmental sustainability is a priority, considering alternative litter options made from recycled materials or natural plant-based materials may be more suitable. While some clumping litters claim to be flushable, it's important to note that not all plumbing systems can handle flushed litter. Flushing litter that is not specifically labeled as safe for toilets can lead to plumbing issues and environmental pollution. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and consult with your local wastewater treatment facility to determine the appropriate disposal method.

Is clumping litter more hygienic?

Clumping litter can contribute to a more hygienic litter box environment for several reasons. The primary advantage of clumping litter is its ability to form solid clumps when it comes into contact with moisture. This allows for easy removal of soiled litter by scooping out the clumps. By promptly removing the waste, you can maintain a cleaner litter box, reducing the chances of bacterial growth and odor. Clumping litters often contain ingredients like activated charcoal or baking soda, which help absorb and neutralize odors. The ability to remove urine clumps helps prevent the spread of unpleasant smells throughout the litter box. This promotes a fresher and more pleasant environment for both the cat and the owner. By removing the clumps, you effectively remove a significant portion of the waste material from the litter box. This reduces the surface area where bacteria can thrive and multiply. Minimizing bacterial growth can help prevent potential health issues and keep the litter box cleaner overall. The clumping nature of the litter can provide valuable insights into your cat's urinary habits and health. Changes in clump size, frequency, or appearance can potentially indicate health problems like urinary tract infections or kidney issues. Early detection of such conditions allows for timely veterinary intervention. Regularly scooping out clumps and maintaining a clean litter box helps create a more hygienic environment for your cat. Cats are generally clean animals and may be more inclined to use a litter box that is regularly maintained and free of waste.

At what age is clumping litter safe?

It is generally recommended to avoid clumping litter for very young kittens until they are at least 2-3 months old and well accustomed to using the litter box. Kittens, especially those under 2-3 months old, are curious and may explore the litter box with their mouths. Clumping litter, if consumed in large quantities, can potentially cause digestive issues or blockages. Young kittens may not have developed the necessary coordination and discernment to avoid ingesting litter while grooming themselves. Kittens are smaller and lighter than adult cats, making them more susceptible to accidents or injury. Clumping litter can be heavy and may stick to their paws, potentially leading to difficulties in movement or discomfort. Using non-clumping litter or a kitten-specific litter with smaller, softer granules can reduce these risks during their early stages. Dust produced by clumping litter when poured or disturbed may irritate a young kitten's developing respiratory system. Kittens are generally more sensitive, and excessive dust exposure could lead to respiratory distress or allergies. Opting for low-dust or dust-free litters designed for kittens can minimize these potential issues.

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