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When it comes to keeping fleas off your feline, few do it better than Advantage for cats. Advantage II not only prevents fleas, but it kills then in all stages of their life cycle!


Rated 5 out of 5 by 377 reviewers.

Advantage II for cats

I love this product! My cats were infested badly with fleas and within 3 hours of one treatment the fleas were almost completely gone! I waited the one week and retreated because of the seriousness of infestation and found no more fleas, alive or dead. This product gets 5 plus paws from my cats and myself!!! by on 08/20/2012
Alternate treatment

I have used Fronlline successfully for several years; my three cats go outdoors in varying amounts. M veterinarian says fleas are becoming resistant to it although I haven't had any problems so I have been alternating treatwments between Frontline and Advantage this summer. by on 08/18/2012
Best product around...

We've tried other Flea treatment for our cats, Didn't work. Saw an ad for Advantage II for cats. Let me tell you, This Stuff works wonders... No more Fleas, No nothing... Wooo Hooo.... Thank You. by on 08/16/2012
It Works

We have 3 large (LARGE !) cats who were beset with fleas this spring. Advantage II worked for them. Good job. by on 08/16/2012
Peace of Mind

We have 4 cats and Advantage II give me total peace of mind that our home will remain flea free and our cats will stay healthy and happy. by on 08/10/2012
Advantage II for cats

I"m very happy with the product. It worked very quickly and very efficiently. I"ve used other brands and the did not compare to Advantage. This will be my product of choice from now on. by on 08/05/2012

I just got a 6 pack for cats over 9 lbs for only $49 & I know this company won't match that price. It was from pet food direct by on 08/05/2012
This Works

Frontline doesn't work for me at all. Advantage works, plain and simple. Within hours, there are no fleas on the cats at all. You can literally watch them die and fall off your cats within minutes of application. by on 07/09/2012
Itchy aggitated cat.

My one cat is itching like crazyIts been about 6 hrs after applyingAdvantage II had multi butWas afraid of more side effectsListed. So I bought II instead we have3 indoor and 2 outdoor all haveBeen treated but the one outdoorSo I can watch him better whenHe comes in for the day. But im Really concerned about myYoungest most active shes 3 yrs oldAnd itching,jumping,crying andOn edge, just generally aggitatedOf course its Sunday at 5 amSo no vets except ER and costs lots ofMoney. Unless I wait till Monday28 hrs until a vet is available. I Scared for my little Princess Alice aka Alley. :0( by on 09/11/2011
Very happy cats

I also thought Frontline was best. HAH! Advantage II is more effective and quicker. I usually let 6 weeks between doses, being cautious about over medicating. My beloved cats have never mentioned any side effects. by on 09/08/2011
Results in Less than 24 hours!

I tried 3 different store bought flea products. All with little results. After purchasing Advantage 2. I was taken aback @ how quickly the flea product worked. Less than 24 hours & all flea activity was gone. Also it did not have a foul odor. Like the store bought brands I tried. 100% pure positive results & experience! by on 07/31/2011
Fantastic product!

I have 4 cats who all love the outdoors. I have used Frontline for years and never had a problem. This year, I gave them their Frontline for the month like usual and then my momma cat gave birth. Four days later the babies were covered head to toe in fleas. The Vet stayed open late for my and gave me Advantage, plus a pill for the momma that killed the fleas immediately. Took a few days of drinking her milk, but they are now flea free. My oldest cat was so bad she was covered in sores and skinny as a rail. Worked great on her, too. My dog, on the other hand, has to have the Advantage twice a month to be effective. by on 07/30/2011
Better than Frontline

I used Frontline for years, but only during flea season. Eventually one of my cats got a reaction to it, burned and left a scab on her neck, and did not get rid of the fleas on either cat. When I phoned Frontline, they were manipulative in every way so as not to take any responsibility or give any explanation. I switched to Advantage and it does what it says it does. I give it 4 of 5 only because I hate using any non-organic products. by on 07/25/2011
the Best!

Like so many, I had been using Frontline and it wasn't working. But it had worked in the past so I gave it a few more chances. Finally, I came to my senses and tried Advantage. Fleas gone within the day!! thank goodness! I am a very loyal customer now. by on 07/22/2011
Frontline?? What's that??

I too have used Frontline for years and thought it was "as good as it got " But when our cats became infested with fleas after moving from California to Texas, I was desperate to find a better sollution. I ordered Frontline as usual and it didn't touch the fleas. I then ordered Advantage and was amazed at the speed of this medication! The fleas were completely gone within a day and now I am trusting on our dog as well. Thank you Advantage!! by on 07/12/2011
Advantage Recommendation

Our home was infested by fleas which our cat was bringing in. After we bombed the house and applied advantage, our cat had no more fleas. I had used this product with my past cat and it always worked. I highly recommend it. It is worth every penny. by on 07/10/2011
Linda, owner of 3 cats (2 indoor, 1 outdoor)

I switched cats from Frontline to advantage II a couple of weeks ago because Frontline was not lasting very long. So far, so good! Seems to have the flea problem under wraps! And the flea issue in FL is year round! by on 06/07/2011
My cat has lots of itches after Advantage II

Just gave all 3 of my cats Advantage II. The most active, healthiest one is now itching like crazy and very lathargic. I tried to brush and wipe off the medication to help him, but he is still unhappy. by on 06/02/2011
Vet preferred

Works! No side effects on them. What more can ya ask for? by on 05/30/2011
works great

kills fleas and cats

6 year old cat, 1st dose fine, 2nd dose 2 trips to vet for blocked bladder caused by nervous system meltdown. 1 year old maine coon 1st dose fine, 2nd dose he threw up for the whole month and lost half his body weight. no 3rd dose, cats are fine and gaining weight. by on 04/28/2011
This is the best

I used Frontline for years and it really didn't work. The cats still had fleas and the house was becoming over run with them. Switched to this and have no fleas. With 7 cats you have to have something that works or your house will be full of fleas. Vet told me I could use on my rabbit as well. He feels better now :) Would not use anything else. by on 03/23/2011
Will never use anything else!

I used frontline for years under the supervision and recommendation of a vet. I just always figured that the flea problem was just something I would have to live with if I wanted to keep cats and keep gardening. Switched to advantage after a groomer recommended it. Been flea-free for almost 6 months!!! Thank you Aimee and Advantage!!! by on 03/08/2011
Excellent Product

My cat had horrible fleas, and scabs all over her. This medicine cleared the fleas up so quickly, and the scabs were finally gone in a few days. Definitely recommended!! by on 02/06/2011
Great Product

I used Frontline with not great results for years. I decided to give Advantage a try and will not use anything else. My cats don't run away when I try to put the medication on them, which they did with Frontline. I would recommend this product to anyone. by on 01/28/2011

This is the best flea product I have ever used. The price is right, too. I have had run ins with fleas before and bug bombs seemed to be the only answer. Now we have other animals that can't be around spray poisons. My cats don't mind me applying Advantage and it has no smell on the cat. I love it. by on 12/31/2010
Wonderful product

Tried everything else and nothing worked like Advantage. The fleas are gone and I had bathed my cat, combed him, sprayed him nothing was successful. Even I was getting bitten and ow they hurt!!! My cat and I are both bite free thanks to Advantage. by on 11/17/2010
Maryland Girl

We have 2 indoor cats and 1 indoor/outdoor cat, all are rescue cats. Have been using Advantage for over a year and love it! Found it after a terrible flea problem. Will never use anything else. Ordering it from PetCareRx is a great way to go.... by on 09/29/2010
Better than Frontline!

Frontline made my cat lose hair where it was applied and even scarred her skin as if burned. My vet told me to switch to Advantage as he was having other customers complain about the frontline. Kills fleas better, my cat is sleeping peacefully now. She's an indoor cat, but somehow we must've brought the fleas in to her. My home has been sprayed, my cat is comfortable and this is just great! by on 07/27/2010

I had always used Advantage in the past and with good results. But at the suggestion of a friend and animal care person, I switched to Frontline to treat my cat's flea problem. I went against my saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Cats and dogs don't scratch because they are bored. It takes too long to work and it still didn't seem as though it was working after a week. I hate to see my cat scratching without any apparent relief. So I said all this to say: "Long live Advantage and no more Frontline!!!" by on 07/27/2010
Product Review

I had always used Advantage in the past and with good results. But at the suggestion of a friend and animal care person, I switched to Frontline to treat my cat's flea problem. I went against my saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Cats and dogs don't scratch because they are bored. It takes too long to work and it still didn't seem as though it was working after a week. I hate to see my cat scratching without any apparent relief. So I said all this to say: "Long live Advantage and no more Frontline!!!" by on 07/27/2010
Always Advantage All the Time

Love, love, love this product. We had a mild infestation that was gone literally in hours. We love our kitten to death, and would do anything to make her more comfortable. I work and a grooming salon and have lots of customers tell me that they werre Frontline victims, meaning they buy it and it's not working. by on 07/10/2010
Better than all the rest!

I have 5 cats and recently had a bad flea infestation. I tried everyhing from Promaris to Frontline. Nothing worked as well as Advantage. There was also a greater quantity of medication in the other products, whereas less of the Advantage was needed. This was great for having to apply a dose on nervous kitties. Much quicker. Much less trouble. by on 07/02/2010

Advantage works exactly as it claims it will. Last year we had a terrible infestation of fleas. It was awful. My poor Himmy was eaten up with fleas. I felt so sorry for her. I went to the vet and they recommended Frontline. I tried it and was expecting big things...boy, was I wrong. It killed a few fleas but she was still eaten up with fleas. I was vacuuming the carpet three or four times a day. I felt like I was fighting a losing battle. Then someone told me that their experience was that Advantage worked better on long haired cats. I have to admit that I didn't have much hope that it would be any better than Frontline but I was wrong. Advantage worked like a charm. It is a fantastic product. I highly recommend it. This year I didn't try anything else I went back to Advantage because I knew how well it works. If you are "sitting on the fence" trying to decide which flea product to try I strongly recommend that you go with Advantage. You won't be sorry. by on 06/30/2010
Miss Yoda Loves Advantage

I'm the mother of Miss Yoda, as you can imagine she is a house pet. She is 3 Yrs and spoiled. When she start scratching she must have her protection usually every 4 months. My name is Willie Downer who enjoy not having to leave the house to get her advantage. by on 06/23/2010

I brought my cats to kentucky to live with me and my family who had other animals, needless to say they got infested with fleas, i was in tears because my cats never had a flea problem before. I tried biospot to no avail. I read the revews on Advantage and thought hey whats there to lose. I put it on my cats and the other animals and within an hour those pesky critters were dying left and right. My poor babies were so tired of scratching and biting they could never sleep it was so bad, that day i think they all just sighed and laid there precious heads down for a good sleep. When they woke up I don't think i ever seen them so happy then that day. Thank you Advantage. by on 05/25/2010
Fleas are gone

I get spot on flea treatment from our local humane shelter.The first time I bought from them for my four cats, it was Advantage and it got rid of ALL of the fleas. The cats were infested to the max. The next time I went back to get more medication they were selling, and I bought, Frontline. What a mistake. The cats acted liked it burned when applied and the few fleas that they had did not die. Evidently the shelter had a lot of complaints because they are selling and using only Advantage again. by on 05/14/2010
Always Advantage

My Vet told me, years ago, to try Advantage. I did, my 6 cats were fine, so have used it ever since. It really works and the cats don't seem to mind it. by on 05/02/2010
Advantage really works!!

I've tried several of the other leading brands including Frontline but I've come back to Advantage to stay!! It's the only one that works on my two Siamese cats and one of them has very sensitive skin. I'm very satisfied with Advantage and recommend it to every cat owner! by on 04/24/2010

My 13 year old male cat developed fleas SO BAD last year it was awful. Pulling on his fur, stopped walking constantly to bite/lick/pull. I bathed him, tried Frontline, cleaned house, NOTHING was helping. I finally got this as recommended by my brother. WORKED IN AN HOUR! My cat was no longer scratching AT ALL the next day, and his dermititus cleared up within a week. Getting it again now so there won't be any problems. My cat had no reaction to it where with Frontline he would constantly scratch the drop spot and try to lick it. GREAT PRODUCT! by on 04/13/2010
Kills fleas DEAD within hours!

This product is AmAzInG!!!! Just put this miracle juice at the base of the skull and within hours, you'll have NO fleas, just like the box promises. And for you multiple cat owners, here's a way to save money: I have two cats, both under 9 pounds. I buy the 6-month supply for cats over 9lbs and split it half-way between the 2 of them, and it works like a charm. If you compare the boxes, you'll see the percentage of active ingredients is the same ratio, but the 9lb+ product has exactly double what you get in the 9lb- box. The people at Petco said they're not supposed to tell customers this, but since I figured it out for myself, they told me that's what they do for their pets! by on 04/12/2010
Best out there!

My cat is an indoor/outdoor cat that will rip through a screen to get out during the day, and therefore constantly exposed to fleas. A couple of months ago, the fleas were so bad in the house that you couldn't walk across the carpet without having your feet/legs completely "peppered" with fleas, YUCK! I had been using yard sprays/pellets, carpet sprays/powders, vacuuming 3 or 4 times a day (dumping it into the outside trash each time!) and frontline - to no avail and not to mention, expensive! The frontline would seem like it was working for a couple of days (although there was alot of skin irritation) and then- BAM, the fleas were back in full force! I was so frustrated and at my wits end not knowing what else I could do (I have tried almost every product out there in the last 6 months or so). I finally tried Advantage, not even 24 hours later, NOT ONE LIVING FLEA TO BE FOUND!!! There were no ill side effects, no scratching or redness, just a whole bunch of dead fleas! And, 1, he still sneaks outside (I just can't keep him in), but I don't worry anymore about having to deal with that ever again. Thank you Advantage, we are users for LIFE! by on 04/03/2010
Works Great !!!

We've used this product for years. We've never been bothered by fleas. It works great and it doesn't irritate the cats skin. The only thing is that when we first put it on the cats hate the feel of it but they get over it in about 20 min. and you have to be careful not to pat them where you put it for the rest of that day - it'sgreasy & stinks. by on 03/25/2010

I used this on my two cats, and 18 hours later there were absolutely no fleas on them. They died so quickly i had to chase my cats around with a vacuum to suck up the dead buggies. I would highly recommend this product, as i have used frontline before and it had little to no effect. The infestation i was dealing with was moderate, but still, A+ product! Money well spent, and my kitties didn't mind it at all. My only (minor) complaint, was that for the first few hours after application, my cats stunk to high heaven, but it is a small price for such an amazing product. :) I will continue to use this product for months to come. :) by on 01/08/2010

I love how the Advantage worked great for killing all the fleas and eggs that where on my cats. This was the first product I used and it was cheap and awesome. by on 11/06/2009

I always used Frontline in the past, but everytime I put it on my cats they acted like it irratated their skin. Also the fleas were still there! Then I went on PetCareRx and read about advantage and decided to try it. The cats didn't react in a negative way and the fleas are gone! I will continue to use Advantage for my cats. by on 11/05/2009

I have 9 indoor cats, and they had a minor flea problem due to squarrels in our yard. They get on the screens of our porch and the cats love to chase. When I discovered they were passing fleas to my cats, I bought Advantage and dosed my babys.One of my queens had young kittens, and I was able to dose her as well. In 24hrs, I had no fleas on the kittens, and within another 24hrs, there were no fleas on the adults. No side effects, no fleas. I recommend this highly by on 10/14/2009
Former Frontline customer

I switched to frontline a few years ago when they came out with flea & tick control. When I tried it this year it only made the fleas angry and the cats were going crazy! I had another box and applied it 10 days later. Still no dead fleas, I ordered Advantage and it took only 2 days to kill the fleas. I think Frontline has some weak batches out there in the market and I am not going to waste my money to locate any more bad ones for them. Now I'm sticking with Advantage. by on 10/13/2009
Reordering because it worked

It's so much cheaper than buying from our Vet and really worked on our four cats, one cat in particular has very sensitive skin and no ill affects from Advantage were seen. by on 08/31/2009
Advantage is #1

I was like a few other reviewer's. 2 months ago I foolishly purchased frontline for my 2 kitties.I saw the "money back guarantee" and didn't think I'd waste money. Huge mistake! Flea's were never eliminated, and after just 1 week they were in vengence mode. I looked closer at the guarantee. I had to purchase MORE frontline to totally "make sure I tried everything" to control the fleas as frontline claims one application might not do the trick. That's how frontline sucker's you into wasting money on their product! I can't afford to waste money and almost $40 wasted. Neeeeever again. If you look closer ALL of their advertising clearly states "controls flea's." I could find NOTHING ANYWHERE where frontline states eliminates/get's rid of etc fleas. I'm now going to have to spend money I don't have to purchase Advantage, because I know it will eliminate the flea's after just 1 treatment! Scratch that, after just 2 days! I'm now completely loyal to Advantage!!!! by on 08/27/2009

Works so much better then the rest of the flea prevention products out there (I've tried em all). After my cat developed a dermatitis to flea bites I tried frontline, and advantix, both overpriced garbage, at least when it comes to cats. Went to the vet and they told me to try advantage. One day later she is flea free, and healing up nicely. Highly recommend! by on 08/26/2009
Definitely works!

I tried Frontline and ended up with very unhappy cats covered in fleas. I decided I had to try something else to fix the problem, so I tried Advantage and am very satisfied. My cats no longer constantly groom themselves, and after a couple days I noticed a complete change in their attitude. Very nice! by on 08/17/2009
Never have to flee a flea again

I have been using Advantage for my 4 cats for at least 6 yrs. and have tried a few other products in between. There is nothing I have tried that has worked better than this stuff! I swear by Advantage and would never use anything else. I lived in Fl. for 2 yrs and my cats ended up with tapeworm and they don't go out!! They must have gotten it from the sand fleas there. They are the tiniest of fleas and they come in by the dozens! As soon as we started our Advantage regimen again I had it under control and we were flea and worm free again :) Of course I also took care of the worm problem with meds from PetCareRx too. We are flea free and plan to stay that way! Thanks PetCareRx and a huge THANK YOU to the guy that came up with this stuff! by on 08/04/2009
Worried about toxicity?

I was worried when I first tried Advantage for my cats. After seeing the difference it makes to their health and happiness to be flea-free, I think Advantage is the healthiest choice for them and me. by on 07/21/2009
advantage works!

I've tried both frontline and advantage. Frontline DOES NOT work on cats. Advantage works wonderfully and last longer then it says it will. Get it! by on 03/17/2009
very good

Product works great. Only caveat I have is possibillity (remote) of side effects. by on 03/04/2009
I came back!!

I have been using Advantage for cats since it first came out. Three months ago I was talked into trying Frontline and I was so DISsatisfied!! Firstly, one of my cats must have developed an allergic dermatitis because she would not stop grooming (and biting the way they do). Secondly, after only two weeks, the fleas made a comeback. I immediately went back to Advantage and if you love your cats like I do - I would tell you to purchase Advantage above all others. I swear by it. My babies are due for another treatment in a week and there is NO sign of fleas or the nasty debris they leave behind. Thank you Bayer for loving our animal friends as we do. by on 10/03/2008
Great Product at a Great Price

I have always used Advantage for my cats. I only have to apply it once a year, instead of monthly all summer. And getting it through PetCare Rx made it more affordable than getting it from my vet. by on 09/16/2008
Advantage product

This is a great product to use for your cat, especially if you see them suffering from flea problems such as scratching, pulling out their hair or other problems that may not even seem to be related to fleas, fleas cause a lot of problems! This is a tried and true product, worth the cost! and sent the products fast! AND FREE! by on 09/01/2008
jess cat lover


I really like how fast this works. I found dead fleas on my cats very shortly after the treatment. What's also cool is the kitties run all over the house and the fleas that contact them die also. My boyfriend said either get rid of the fleas or we're getting rid of the cats... the fleas are GONE and the cats are still home :-) I highly reccommend! by on 08/25/2008
Worked Great

This product did the trick and the fleas are no longer on my cats.PetcareX is the best and ships the fastest of any on line store.THANKS! by on 08/25/2008
Excellent product

It's an easy to use product. I own 4 cats and the ordering process is speedy and so is the delivery. by on 08/23/2008
gentle and effective

My cats had skin reactions to other products like Frontline. This product prevents fleas from being a problem and is not bothersome to their sensitive skin. It's a little oily at first, but disappears within 8-12 hours. It's terrific. by on 08/20/2008
No fleas on our cat!

Great product--I would recommend it even though my vet recommended using Frontline. by on 08/14/2008
Advantage flea for cats

very highly effective flea control product!! fast shipping,it works wonderfull on our 2 cats,Dyno,and Bentley.they were rid of the fleas the day after application.they have been in and out now for almost a week,so far,no fleas.yeah!! blows away frontline. by on 08/11/2008

It really works! Thnx for the different money-saving offers & for shipping so hassle of driving to vet. Makes for a contented, healthy cat &Sheba thanks you! by on 08/10/2008
Works great, do they make Advantage for people?

Advantage works great (so far). We have 2 cats male and female. The female had fleas so bad her neck was all scabbed up. After a week of Advantage it has healed almost completely. One word of warning, make sure you place the medicine on the neck and rub it in a little bit. We put the medicine on the females neck and didn't realize it wasn't directly in the middle. Also, the liquid ran down her neck a little bit, within licking reach. She got some in her mouth and slobbered and ran around crazy for about an hour. But she made a full recovery. by on 08/08/2008
So glad I found Pet Care RX

Quick and easy transaction, fast shipping! Products are so much cheaper than all the other Pet Rx websites!! I'll never purchase from my Vet's office again!! by on 08/04/2008

I am very happy with the ease in ordering Advantage for my cat. I in my daily travels, I do not pass by my Vet's office, so I used to have to make a special trip just to get her flea control drops. Now I can just order online, and it is delivered right to my house. No more special trips to he vet. It is also costs much less thatn it does from my vet. by on 08/03/2008
What a relief

We have 4 cats and we have tried countless products on them which is not healthy but finally found something that REALLY WORKS. Thank You Advantage by on 08/02/2008
Advantage begins working quickly

I was amazed how quickly Advantage began working. One of my cats had a few open areas from scratching. No side effects observed. Unbelievable shipping, I received the package in two days. Thank you. My cats are now back to normal without the fleas! by on 07/29/2008

wasn't sure I would save time and money but did and Will come back for more products and reccomend this site by on 07/28/2008
Best flea product for cats

I have been using ADVANTAGE on my 3 cats for several years and it's the only one that really works! My cats have never had any problems or side effects. It's great! by on 07/26/2008
Happy :)

Excellent prices and super-fast shipping. Thank you! My kitty loves you. by on 07/26/2008
Miracle treatment

What a huge difference it has made with my pets. I have 4 indoor cats and one outside that I have been taking care of when he showed up very sick and injured. My cats were pulling out thier fur and were so anxious and upset. We tried combing and using a store bought topical treatment that never worked. Used the Advantage and within 2 hours the dying flees were falling off of them. They have become so much more relaxed and are acting like themsleves again. And so are we!!! There was a residual chemical smell for a day or so, but that won't deter me from using again. One of my pets did start to drool went to hide for a little while after application, but he was the most bothered by the flees. I don't know it I got some in a sore on his neck or if he managed to lick it, but is doing well now. by on 07/26/2008
Great Service--Better than I expected

I received my Advantage through the mail much much quicker than I expected--I am throughly satisfied--Many THANKS--Dot by on 07/26/2008

I saved about $20.00 buying this product from PetCare RX. Completely satisfied with purchase and delivery. by on 07/19/2008
pleased with advantage

No more fleas!!!!!!!

Advantage works great. Its the best thing i ever used for my cats. Its very effective. And though this web site it is alot cheaper than going to your pets doctor. Iit always has great deals going on. Also it is very easy to use. Just squeeze the entire tube on your cat right in between its shoulder blades. by on 07/17/2008
Happy Cat

Our kitty is 10 years old and a member of the family. This product keeps him clean of fleas and once a month application is easy. When the kitty is content we are all happy. Highly recommend this product for ease of use and result. Can't beat the price. PetCareRx is part of our medication program. Thanks. by on 07/12/2008
I Wish They Made Advantix For Cats!

I use Advantix on my dog and it is wonderful. However, it is not made for cats, so I have to choose between Advantage and Frontline for my three kitties. I am not terribly impressed with either one. My cats are indoor only so they are not exposed to many fleas; just the ones my dog and I bring in from outside. But neither Frontline nor Advantage (the one I bought most recently) is 100% effective on the few fleas they are exposed to. With Advantix, my dog stops scratching within 24 hours. With Frontline and Advantage, my cats scratch all month long - not all the time, but for $50 I want to see 100% effectiveness. So I recommend Advantage only with reservations - because it's better than nothing. If Advantix were available, I'd definitely use that instead. by on 07/11/2008
Great Product and Service

The medication works quickly and is a great value. I only use this product and have had wonderful results. Thanks PetCare Rx for the special as well...great coupon and FREE shipping!!! by on 07/08/2008
Easy Ordering

This was quick, easy and efficient. Advantage Flea treatment is a great product. I recommend it for all cat owners. by on 07/05/2008

I would Highly recommend PetCareRx. My only recommendation is that with each New Customer Order, that a new catalog with "all" your available items be enclosed in the box mailed to the new customer with their new purchase. Thank you. Sandra Spencer by on 07/05/2008
Vet approved

i went to the vet and they had it too(it's vet recommeded).made by the same people but more i get it cheaper here for kitten,two cats,and my dogs!! by on 07/04/2008
great product

love this item..we built a new house and the yard didn't have grass yet and my cat, "pudder",had gotten fleas from the sand..this product is fantastic as it killed them so quickly and kept them off for the whole month.. by on 06/29/2008
Good Product, Good Price, Free Shipping

I have used Advantage on my two cats for years and it works well. PetCareRx has a good price (made better wtih a newspaper coupon) and free shipping and no need to drive to the Vet's office; all good. by on 06/28/2008
The best to date

Advantage is the best product for flea removal on the market. I have tried other treatments but nothing lives up to the promise that it kills all fleas within a day. by on 06/28/2008
Thank heavens for Advantage!

4 miserable cats-all scratching constantly! Ordered Advantage online Sunday - applied on Tuesday (quick mailing my PetCareRx!) - 4 friends returned to restful comfort by Wednesday morning. Thank you Advantage and PetCare RX! Will keep this product on hand always! by on 06/28/2008
Thank heavens for Advantage!

4 miserable cats-all scratching constantly! Ordered Advantage online Sunday - applied on Tuesday (quick mailing my PetCareRx!) - 4 friends returned to restful comfort by Wednesday morning. Thank you Advantage and PetCare RX! Will keep this product on hand always! by on 06/28/2008

My 2 cats still scratch however, I have not spotted any fleas. I have squirrelsin the yard which have fleas and I let the cats out on my deck for short periods and they scractch whenever they come inside. There has beenno infestation that I can identify. by on 06/27/2008
Product Review

My 2 cats still scratch however, I have not spotted any fleas. I have squirrels in the yard which have fleas and I let the cats out on my deck for short periods and they scractch whenever they come inside. There has been no infestation that I can identify. by on 06/27/2008
Advantage is the best

This is the only product our 3 cats have success with regarding fleas and ticks. We live on 7 acres in a rural area. It's not always easy finding solutions, but Advantage really works. by on 06/23/2008
Fleas Going : )

I highly recommend the Advantage flea drops ! I put them on my cats and literally within an hour the fleas were falling off the cats !! Fleas are a big problem this time of year and the Advantage takes care of it !! Thank you for the speedy delivery !! by on 06/21/2008
Speed of delivery

Suddenly my cats were teeming with fleas, so I went to the local pet store. The owner said apologetically that he was sold out of the economical 6-packs of flea treatment. He only had single doses to sell me. (Everybody's cats were teeming with fleas!) He had placed an order for more, but it wouldn't come for another 10 business days. I live in a rural area and did not want to spend the money on gas to drive into the closest city to find another pet store. So I came home, went online, ordered a six-pack of Advantage from PetCareRx and saved $30 from what it would cost me at the pet store to buy singles of the flea treatment. A good price, no shipping charge, and in four days it arrived at my door. by on 06/21/2008
works great

loved this product since the first time i used it......have two cats and during the summer time it brings much relief to my cats and my family by on 06/21/2008

couldn't believe how fast it arrived. It was almost like overnight service. Thank you for the coupons they really help. by on 06/17/2008
Calm Cats

This product is superior compared to any other flea product we have purchased for our cats. I love the $5.00 coupon for our next purchase.Our Thanks. S.G. by on 06/17/2008
Cat owner

So far so good, lots of dead fleas after 24 hours. by on 06/15/2008