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Press Release Protects Our Pets This Season With The Local Flea and Tick Threat Level Tracker
Source:Whitegate PR on 09/01/2012

Media Contact: Dana Humphrey 619.414.9307 [email protected]

NEW YORK, NY โ€“ September 2012 โ€“ No one enjoys flea and tick season, especially not our beloved pets. More than 65 percent of American households include a family pet or pets. Statistically, fleas and ticks are bound to infest our favorite four-legged pals. All that itching and scratching comes with serious health risks, including Lyme disease and tapeworms. has created a local flea and tick tracker which is designed to help customers track the flea and tick threat level depending on location. The tracker is simple to use and extremely beneficial for pet owners and their animal friends. To try it, just click on the button on the top left hand side of the site โ€œFind your local Flea & Tick Threat Levelโ€ on

As Americaโ€™s leading online pet pharmacy, wants to ensure that our petโ€™s lives are the happiest and healthiest they can be. This includes keeping them clean and free of all the evil bloodsucking creatures around. Where a person lives plays a big role in what sort of flea and tick protection should be used on their animal. Because location is so important, the tracker only requires users to simply plug in their zip code. The website will then bring customers to an informative page with information about the flea and tick threat outlook for that specific area.

Pet owners can explore the different charts and maps that are generated based on the zip code. The various charts help break down flea and tick patterns depending on the temperature, time of year and location. For instance, the 3-day flea forecast chart uses the average temperature and humidity forecast for the next three days to compute a flea threat level of low, medium, or high. There is also a chart based on 2012 parasite prevalence maps which show the risk of tick borne diseases in the requested area as well.

The Flea Activity chart is based on historical weather patterns by state which can help viewers see when the low, moderate and high flea threat levels might occur. This chart is great because it can help pet owners choose a flea and tick prevention course of action based on their regionโ€™s flea activity. For example, this year has been warmer than usual in many parts of the country. It is important to pay attention to our petโ€™s habits (indoor or outdoor, country or city, etc) in order to decide what the best course of action to protect our furry friends.

Yearlong flea and tick protection is recommended and has great prices on the best-selling products for customers to stock up on. PetCareRx.comโ€™s flea and tick tracker also allows customers to conveniently compare products, review flea and tick FAQ, and also to keep up-to-date with the flea and tick alerts in any given area.

PetCareRx.comโ€™s mission is to add love to the world by enhancing the lives of pets and pet parents. To enable this mission, their guiding pet wellness philosophy is that every pet deserves lots of love, proper nutrition, complete protection, and personalized care. In this spirit they provide treats and toys, foods and vitamins, flea, tick and heartworm protection, and a vast range of prescription and non-prescription medications, all at a great value and with Internet convenience. As an evolving company, has much more in store for their future which will include many new features and services on their site. Learn more at Connect on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter @_petcarerx.

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