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  • Lou the dog

    The story of PetCareRx is really the story of Lou, our founder Blake Brossman's beloved Rottweiler.

    Several years ago Lou was diagnosed with cancer. Blake, being the loving, caring and concerned pet parent that he was and is, put all his attention and resources into the treatment of Lou's illness. It turned out that significant resources were needed--7 pills for Lou's treatment cost $700. Blake was willing to do whatever it took to help Lou, but soon discovered the wholesale cost of the same pills was only $.07 per pill.

    Blake founded PetCareRx in 1998 to help other pet parents get the medication their pets need at a reasonable price. Nearly 14 years later, Lou's memory lives on. We have grown from an inspired idea into a full service pet pharmacy and pet supply provider. We hope to be your go-to resource for pet products long into the future, because just like Blake, we know how much your pet means to you.


OUR experts

  • lori awadallaRead More

    Dr. Lori Awadalla

    Staff Veterinarian

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    Ernest Ezue

    PetCareRx Pharmacy Director

  • joseph wakshlagRead More

    Dr. Joseph J. Wakshlag

    Consulting Nutritionist