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K9 Advantix II for Dogs

Product Reviews

K9 Advantix II is an easy to use and effective product for flea and tick protection, beginning to work within 12 hours and lasting for 30 days. More »

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Rated 4.1 out of 5 by 688 reviewers.
Rated 2 out of 5 I won't buy this product again I bought the the 3 month supply to use on my dogs and every month that I've used it, they're on their backs for 3 days scratching and looking miserable. I've noticed on my one dog, that each time I use it, she acts weird for several days. She won't play, she will just stand in the middle of the room, she just looks drugged up. Less important than that .... you have to put this product all along their back and their fur ends up looking oily for at least a week. I will be going back to Frontline Plus. It always worked, you only put it on the back of their neck, it doesn't seem to affect them .... I never should have quit using it on my beagle mixes. July 8, 2011
Rated 2 out of 5 Does Not Live Up to Advertisement I bought K9 Advantix II believing the ad on TV saying that it repels ticks. It absolutely does not. I think I've found fewer ticks on my dogs, especially live ones when they were on Frontline. Do not waste the money for a product that does not do as it says, especially when there's a more affordable one that does just as well if not better. July 4, 2011
Rated 1 out of 5 I heard good things about K9Advantix, so I switched and that was a mistake. I have a 90 pound Rottie that swims so I bought the K9Advantix since it is supposed to be water proof. Let me tell you, it DOES NOT work. After 10 days, I am getting approximately 5 to 15 ticks off her a day and she is an inside dog!!!! I have another older dog and I have gotten a few ticks off him as well and he does NOT swim. June 29, 2011
Rated 1 out of 5 BooBear I would not recommend this product, I just applied it a little over a week ago and already have found fleas on my pug. I recommend the comfortis and this as maybe a combination but not a complete care. June 25, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 Works Great!! After using Frontline Plus which only lasted a few weeks, I switched to K9 Advantix II. My yorkie has been flea free for months now. This is definitely a winner! June 17, 2011
Rated 4 out of 5 Fyi This product is made by the same company who makes Advantage, the only difference is that its suppose to protect your pet from more then just fleas. If its not working then the fleas in your area have built up a tolerance its not the product(parasites build immunity also). Frontline plus has worked fine on my dog but I'm switching since many of my neighbors are saying its not working anymore this year. June 14, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 Works great on my yorkies Tried this appose to Frontline plus which was no longer working. This did work wonderful on my yorkies but I do have 4 big dogs outside and I noticed them still scratching . One yorkie does react to frontline acts lethargic and just plan ill with this one not as bad but still lethargic. Not finding the perfect one yet. But overall this was not bad. June 6, 2011
Rated 2 out of 5 Have 2 miniature schnauzer Used K-9 for 2 years and its worked well,HOWEVER, this last purchase was a waste of money, don't know if its was a bad batch, or if fleas are getting stronger, JUST know that its an expensive product that you expect results from and when you don't get it, your have 2 unhappy pets and one pissed off owner. June 1, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 Does not work in SW Florida! I live in Bonita Springs- spent $85 on this product and my dog still has fleas- I used Frontline on my cats and they are fine- I will NEVER buy this product again! May 30, 2011
Rated 1 out of 5 Danger I purchased the product K9 Advantix II after reading favorable reviews of the product. I applied the product as per the manufactures instructions on my 3 year old Shih Tzu. About 8 hours after applying the product between my dog’s shoulder blades on her back as per instructions I noticed a change in her mood. She seemed lethargic and looked like she was sick. Now, this is from a dog that is always active, happy, playful and full of life. By the next day she stopped eating and drinking. She started twitching her back legs and often lost her balance. Then she got diarrhea on the third day and I decided to bring her to the Vet. The Vet said that my dog was now dehydrated and needed medical intervention. She said it could be that my dog had an adverse reaction to the pesticide in the product. It cost me 250 dollars for the visit to the Vet. After doing further research and reading other dog owner’s similar experiences with this product and other products like Biospot that contain the pesticide Permethrin, these products should be discontinued for the safety of our pets. Some pets tolerate it better than others but that doesn’t mean that it’s not harming them. May 28, 2011
Rated 2 out of 5 Is not strong enough Does not work for more than two weeks. I purchased the 11-20 lb for my 131b dog and after two weeks for three months now I am pulling off ticks. Had more luck with the front line. May 24, 2011
Rated 3 out of 5 New Advantix II Caused Skin Reaction My yorkie had a major skin reaction from the new K-9 Advantix II product. He had sores all over application areas for a month. Will not use again. Looking for a different product now. May 16, 2011
Rated 2 out of 5 Maybe its the seller... I use advantix on both of my dogs and apply it religiously the first of the month. Within the past week I have found live ticks on both of my dogs. Adavntix does not guarantee their product if purchased from a website and not your vet. May 12, 2011
Rated 1 out of 5 Be careful I tried this for the first time this year on my 7 pound miniature poodle. She has had a bad reaction to Advantix II. She is acting different and scratching-not herself at all. Will go back to Frontline Plus or Comfortis. May 11, 2011
Rated 2 out of 5 does not work for ticks we have had this on our dog for 2 weeks and at first it worked, but today she is covered in ticks. and they are in her. frontline plus works much better, should have stuck with what we knew worked. now I have to wait 5 to 7 days for her new order. May 9, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 May need to switch back and forth I've seen in the Frontline reviews that some pet owners are finding that you need to switch between the two products if it seems that it isn't working anymore. The reason for this is that your pets body becomes adjusted to the medicine. Switching back and forth between two products avoids this problem. May 2, 2011
Rated 1 out of 5 Itchy! This product made my little Morkie extremely itchy on the application site. I gave her a bath, and a week later, she is still itching. I will never use this on my baby again! She had been miserable! April 24, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 I have 2 Mini Schnauzers that weigh 20 LBs each. Someone suggested that I order the 21-55 LB size Advantix and use a small syringe to split the dose between both dogs and save $. Has anyone done that successfully? March 28, 2011
Rated 1 out of 5 K9 Advanix for dogs does not seem to work anymore Have 15 lb maltipoo and she is like a magnet to fleas. I tried using every 3 wks but this week she was scratching like crazy. I bathed her and picked off a dozen or more fleas. I usually bath her once a wk. My question is the ingred. authentic because i have heard from vet not to order from companies like you on line because of this issue. Same for heartworm. I have ordered from several times so wondering what to do next.... February 26, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 Love My Yorkie I adopted my yorkie from the shelter six months ago and have used Advantix each month. We live in Florida where fleas can be a problem but thanks to Advantix they are not a problem for my puppy. I highly recommend this product. December 24, 2010
Rated 5 out of 5 advantage got the 55lbs and over for my dog who is 92lb and two wks later had to put more plz do u have stronger or the over 85lb in advantage that is the one i have used and it worked December 13, 2010
Rated 5 out of 5 I like this K-9 I've been using K-9 Advantix's for 3 years now, never had flea's or Ticks. I did try Frontline Plus didn't like it. And where I live the mosquitoes are bad. And the K-9 works real good for that to. Give it a shot you may like it also. I live in New Jersey in the pines. Lot's of water and sand. I wouldn't change My K-9 For nothing. November 11, 2010
Rated 3 out of 5 Waste of money I have 2 jack russells and after only 2 weeks they had flea issues AGAIN. I treated them again. and it was the same all over again. I will go back to the Advantage. Just goes to show higher price is NOT always better. November 2, 2010
Rated 3 out of 5 still not convinced I have two Scotties - they are like owning 2 mops. Used Frontline Plus last year never had a problem - this year I spotted my male scratching, found fleas and decided to try K9Advantix. I vacuumed my entire house washed everything, from bedding to rugs. 3 days later he was scratching worse and I found more fleas. I called the company and they said to reapply. So what good is something I have to re=apply at about $20 a treatment? Im going back to Frontline for next treatment...I used it for 10 years on my Irish Terrier and never had a flea! October 7, 2010
Rated 5 out of 5 for isis I have 5 dogs 2 chinese crested ,2 yorkies,,1 mutt.The chinese crested and the mutt got sick everytime I used the other name brand.So my vet sujected I try this one and it works great. October 5, 2010
Rated 5 out of 5 works for the mac dog we have a 2 year old 18 lb spaniel pomeranain mix have used advantix his entire life and have not found a tick or flea yet . however mac doesnt like the med not sure which side effect he has though he doesnt dig at the sight of application just gets kind of lethargic after application September 10, 2010
Rated 5 out of 5 " Superior " My three dogs, Raggs, Shaggy & Brutus are all on K-9 Advantix...I've used the other ones and K-9 Advantix is above and beyound my expectations. Living on Florida's east coast it works perfect! I will not use anyone product! K-9 Advantix , the Best ! August 29, 2010
Rated 5 out of 5 Works great on everything! This product is great! I have a 22lb. WHITE (which attracts fleas more!) American Eskimo Spitz. They have super long hair, so I have always had a problem with fleas and ticks. I can't bathe him more than once a month, because of sensitive skin, so I tried this and it's WONDERFUL! The fleas are gone and it kills the ticks that get on him. The only problem is his favorite spot is on the couch, so the dead ticks always fall off on the couch...always scares me when I find them sitting there! August 24, 2010
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